2014-2015 Call for Staff

HSI is looking for a few key members to complete our 2014-2015  staff:

Eligibility: Graduate students who are currently studying or graduated in 2014 from Canadian Institutions.

Deadline for Applications: August 29, 2014

Senior Editors (8 positions)

Senior Editors will be responsible for managing an assigned list of manuscripts throughout the peer-review process. After authors have revised their manuscripts based on feedback from the review board, Senior Editors will work back-and-forth with authors to prepare a finalized article for submission. Senior Editors will also review News Articles in a similar manner, written by internal HSI News Reporters. Senior Editors may submit their own pieces for publication.

Time Commitment: Senior Editors are expected to prepare 6-8 manuscripts for publication. 8 hours/week x 3 months

Reviewers (25 positions)

Reviewers will be responsible for critically evaluating and commenting on submissions received by the journal. Each review is expected to be detailed using a pre-determined assessment form. The goal is to provide constructive feedback to authors to aid in publication. Reviewers report to the Managing and Senior Editors, who assign all submissions and relay communication to the authors in a blinded fashion. Reviewers may submit their own pieces for publication.

Time Commitment: 8 hours/week x 5 weeks.

 News Reporters (8 positions)

News Reporters write short pieces on new and exciting research being conducted by Canadian scientists on the topic of interest (for the 2015 issue, the topic will be Advancing Human Genetics). As the focus will be on Canadian researchers, news reporters may be asked to conduct brief phone interviews with scientists to profile their work in greater detail. It is the News Reporters’ role to select relevant topics within the issue’s theme. News Reporters reporting to the Managing Editor of News.

Time Commitment: News Reporters will be expected to submit 1-2 pieces of work for publication.

Division Managers – Ask an Expert (2 positions)

This is a new area to the HSI publication for 2014-15. Division Managers will be required to build a new “Ask the Expert” forum, where question on Genetics in Health and Medicine will be posed to and answered by expert faculty and students working in the field.

Time Commitment: approx. 16 hours/month x 4 months.

Division Manager – Student Affairs (1 position)

This is a new area to the HSI publication for 2014-15. The Division Manager will be required to plan and search for personal short stories, comics, and circulating news about graduate student life. The submissions may be held as a competition and the calls will be sent out with the help of Communications.

Time Commitment: approx. 10 hours/month x 4 months.

Student Affairs Associates (2-3 positions)

This is a new area to the HSI publication for 2014-15. Student Affair sAssociates will be responsible for ensuring all submission calls and selection processes of short stories, comics, and news about graduate student life. Student Affair Associates will report to the Division Manager.

Time Commitment: approx. 6 hours/month x 4 months.

Writing Associate, Spotlight on Careers (1 position)

The Writing Associate will work with the Division Manager to research and create the content for the Spotlight on Careers, Section. Tasks include identifying and interviewing individuals with conventional or unconventional careers in the medical sciences (clinician scientists, government researchers, science journalists, etc.); and identifying valuable career-related web resources for graduate students.

Time Commitment: 20 hours/month; October-January

Communications Associates (4-6 positions)

Outreach Representatives will be responsible for ensuring that all notices and announcements made by the journal are properly distributed to all Canadian universities of interest. Outreach Representatives report to the Division Manager, who will allocate the list of schools to be contacted by each representative.

Time Commitment: approx. 8 hours/month.

Sponsorship Associates (2 positions)

The Sponsorship Associates will be responsible for overseeing the journal’s sponsorship process – including updating the sponsorship package and disseminating sponsorship information to all departments of interest (with the help of communications). Sponsorship Associates report to the Division Manager.

Time Commitment: Much of the work will be done at the beginning of the term (September – October), where a sponsorship package will be drafted for distribution.

Layout Associates (3 positions)

Layout Associates will be involved with all aspects of designing the electronic publication of the journal. Manuscripts will be made available to the Layout Associates as papers become finalized. Layout Associates report to the Division Manager, who will relay all necessary information required to plan and implement the layout of the journal.

Time Commitment: Much of the work is concentrated at the end of the year (May-July) with some work in October preparing annual the Call for Papers.

Webmaster (1 position)

Its time for HSI to get a new look! The Webmaster will be responsible for re-designing, overseeing and updating the HSI website throughout the year and updating our social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN). The Webmaster should have experience updating and creating websites using HTML and WordPress (understanding Java Scripts, C++), knowledge of Social Media and attention to detail.

Time Commitment: Workload is light but steady year round.

Proof Readers (6 positions)

Proof Readers will do a final read-through of all submissions (commentaries, main submissions, invitational pieces, news articles) and accompanying text being published in the journal. Their role will be to report any errors directly to the Editor-in-Chief.

Time Commitment: 20 hours/month; April and May

Web Bloggers (Unlimited)

Authors will submit content of 300-600 words in length for publication on the HSI website and Blog. Submissions can be any appropriate format and are an ideal way for you to express your opinions or thoughts relating to or about your scientific work and to add publishable material to your Curriculum Vitae.

Suggested topics include:
- academia and education
- research and new developments in the health sciences
- personal motivations or dilemmas in health sciences
- career choices and challenges
- politics, funding for sciences
- commercialization and privatization of health science research and development
- anything else you can think of relating to health sciences and the student experience

Individuals interested in applying for a position should send a cover letter indicating their position preference, and their CV to Healthscienceinquiry@gmail.com

This list will be updated as positions become filled.

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